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Master Roof Treatments

Master Roof treatments aim is to provide professional Waterproofing services within customer budget with skilled and experienced staff.we are registered from the government of Pakistan FBR.We can offer a long term guarantee on the vast majority of our Waterproofing services.

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Master Roof treatment
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Master roof treatment
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Master Roof Treatment
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Master Roof treatment

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Waterproofing company Pakistan

90 out of 100 houses in Pakistan have been facing moisture penetration issues for years. It has become a domestic problem, and every other person in Pakistan is looking for a permanent solution to leakage issues. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our company provides the ultimate waterproofing solutions that’ll surely give you a sigh of relief.

These days in Pakistan, every structure made up of iron, plastic, concrete, etc., is facing the same water and moisture penetration issues that make them look ugly and create a great fuss for everyone around. Due to the moisture or water penetation, your health lifestyle get badly affected and the messy walls could ruin your days too.

Our staff has worked hard to create the products that’ll fix your problem in no time. We are one of the leading companies in Pakistan famous for providing high-end waterproofing solutions. Here are the waterproofing solutions provided by our company:

Types Of Waterproofing Treatments

Without knowing the types of waterproofing treatments, it might be hard for you to make the solution selection. No worries, we are here to provide you with every single detail so that you’ll be able to make the right yet best decision. We are undoubtedly the best waterproofing company in Pakistan that offers different waterproofing treatments in Pakistan. Here are the details:

Cementitious waterproofing

Liquid seal waterproofing

Membrane waterproofing

Bitumen waterproofing

Chemical injection waterproofing

1 Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing Master roof treatments are regularly two-part mixes utilized behind tile, over workmanship fixing, and over substantial surfaces. These above and underneath grade waterproofing coatings have great partiality to cement and stone work substrates because of their cementitious nature, and subsequently solid holding strength., concrete waterproofing can be extremely valuable for some reasons.

Cementitious Waterproofing Applications:

Water Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants



Railroad and Subway Systems

Waterway Locks/Channels and Concrete Dykes

Stopping Structures and Lots


Rooftops made of cement, concrete sheets, mosaic, concrete slurries

2 Liquid seal waterproofing

Our company used different materials for waterproofing. We’re proud to announce that we are the only waterproofing company in Pakistan with a polymeric material dealership. If you don’t know what polymer is, let us explain. The water-resistance material works perfectly for the leakage and seepage issues.

One can use this material in different ways per requirement, but the person should’ve good technical experience before handling it. Luckily, our technical staff has excellent experience of dealing with waterproofing. You can use polymeric waterproofing for walls, swimming pools, roofs, and sheds.

3 Membrane waterproofing

If you’re looking for a waterproofing solution for low-sloped roofs, then a bituminous membrane sheet will be suitable for you. It is undoubtedly a durable method but a bit costly than all others. In this method, our workers combine the bituminous membrane with another torch-on membrane and self-adhesive membrane.

The compounds used in the self-adhesive membrane include polymers, fillers, specific resins, and asphalt. Oils are also added to boost the adhesion properties. However, the self-adhesive membrane shelf life reduces due to the bonding properties. The torch on the membrane is used to cover the areas.

4 Bitumen waterproofing

Well, this is the protective chemical coating that works as a waterproofing agent to protect your walls or roofs from water penetration. Bitumen is mainly a classic product that is flexible yet proactive. Another name of this coating is coal tar. You can use the bituminous coating over the walls and roof areas. Commonly this coating is applied on areas that are under screed wet.

Our company is already among the popular companies in Pakistan due to our high quality, efficient performance, and impressive waterproofing solutions. However, this material isn’t suitable for the areas directly exposed to sunlight. The coating becomes fragile if exposed to sunlight for long durations. That’s why we recommend our customers to use this coating for walls or roofs where there’s no or minor sunlight.

5 Chemical injection waterproofing

This great method works perfectly to overcome leakage and seepage issues. This method injects the chemical in walls that work perfectly to block water leakage tracks, resulting in no water penetration issues. It is quite amazing for the interior wall waterproofing.

Honestly, injection to block the water is the most practical approach that restores structural damage and makes the area waterproof. This method is used when water enters the roof, wall, or any area through the cracks. It is suitable to use in bricks, concrete, etc.

Waterproofing In Pakistan

Whether you’re looking for waterproofing solutions for any area or want a building that blocks the water, our company has it all for you under one roof. Our staff is competent and experienced enough to provide you with the solution according to your problem. Do you have budget issues? Don’t stress yourself. We provide solutions to water leakage issues according to your requirements and budget. We care for you.

That’s why our team has come up with permanent solutions to your problems. We are the exporters, manufacturers, consultants and the applicators of fields related to us. We aim to provide you with a healthy lifestyle with no musty smell, wall damage, or leakage issues. Our company provides the waterproofing solutions to major cities of Pakistan just like waterproofing in Lahore, where people face this issue the most. However, to get the details about services in your area feel free to talk to our customer representative team who’ll guide you the best. Contact us to get the best from the rest.

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