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Master Roof treatments is a highly regarded Waterproofing Company in Gujranwala with many years of experience. Waterproofing is a technique used to protect objects and structures from the damaging effects of water.

Your home will be built to last, thanks to our team of experts. Roofs, terraces, balconies, bathrooms, basements, water tanks, carpets, and much more are all areas where we can help.

What Are the Benefits of Waterproofing in Gujranwala, Pakistan?

When it comes to water leakage and seepage, there are no warning signs that it is about to happen. Flooding and leaks are the main causes of this problem. As a result, it is critical that this issue be addressed as soon as possible. You won’t have to worry about a thing if you hire a professional to handle this situation. Roof waterproofing Gujranwala services are among the most affordable in Pakistan.

Gujranwala Roof Waterproofing Solutions at Affordable Prices

Roof waterproofing by Master Roof treatments is the fastest and most cost-effective option in Gujranwala. During the monsoon season, this city’s residents and businesses are in desperate need of premium roof leakage solutions. Roofs, patios, carpets, and garages have all been known to suffer damage as a result of water leaks. Cracks in the walls or peeling paint are the most typical issues. As a result, the structure’s visual appeal is diminished. Many homes and business owners rely on our services to meet their immediate and long-term demands.

‘ As such, if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of w Waterproof service Gujranwala in Gujranwala, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In a timely manner, our team of experts will come to your location at a time that is most convenient for you.

Gujranwala Waterproofing Cost

It is quite normal for people to learn everything there is to know about a product’s true cost. 

Waterproofing in buildings is the process of creating an impenetrable barrier over the various surfaces of a building’s foundations, roofs, walls, and other structural components in order to prevent water from entering. Eventually, the building’s exterior will be completely watertight with Leakage solution Gujranwala. Roof made of concrete An impermeable everlasting barrier is applied to the exterior of the building’s foundations, roof, walls, and other constructional members to prevent water from penetrating these surfaces.


Buildings are designed to be water-resistant and even waterproof on the interior as well as the exterior. Cementitious Waterproof service Gujranwala materials, bituminous membranes, liquid waterproofing membranes, injected chemical waterproofing materials, and others are frequently used for waterproofing during construction. A roof-sealing company in Pakistan, unicorn chemical (PVT) Ltd, provides services throughout the country. In addition to serving as a supplier of raw materials, Unicorn Chemical also provides waterproofing services to a variety of Pakistani cities. The best waterproofing supplier in Pakistan is us! This is how Pakistani roofs are waterproofed.

  ·         Waterproofing with Cementitious Materials

  ·         waterproofing with bituminous tar

  ·         A Waterproofing Method That Uses a Membrane

  ·         Waterproofing using Polyurethane Liquid

  ·         Method of Waterproofing using Cementitious Materials

A method of waterproofing that relies on cement is called cementitious waterproofing. Cementitious waterproofing supplies are readily available from providers of masonry items for mason work and are simple to mix and apply.

Roof treatments Gujranwala is a common technique in restrooms and other damp locations. Although this kind of waterproofing is rigid or less flexible, it is appropriate for use in confined spaces, such as toilets. It’s not exposed to the elements. Therefore it won’t deteriorate. Cementitious waterproofing, on the other hand, does not have this problem. In Pakistan, this is a common way of waterproofing roofs.

Concrete Waterproofing in Pakistan.

Structures of the following types employ cementitious waterproofing:

  ·         Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Water

  ·         Therapeutic Plants for Sewage

  ·         Bridges

  ·         Dams

  ·         System of Railroads

  ·         Ports for Cargo

  ·         A river lock

  ·         Structures for parking

  ·         Tunnels

Using a Liquid Membrane for Waterproofing

Applied via spray, roller, or trowel, a liquid membrane is a thin covering consisting of an initial coat and two topcoats. Cementitious waterproofing in Gujranwala appears to have a lower level of competence.

The elastic covering on the wall is coated with the medication’s liquid form. Coating characteristics can last up to 280 percent longer than they would without it. The longevity of the waterproofing coating depends on the polymer used by the manufacturer for liquid roof waterproofing in Pakistan.

Roof treatments Gujranwala membrane for all surfaces. It’s made of polymer-change asphalt polymer-change asphalt. For trowel, roller, or spray application, polyurethane liquid membranes are offered from a variety of manufacturers. In Gujranwala, the newest way of waterproofing roofs is the PU method.

Method of Waterproofing using Bituminous Coating

According to its conceptualization and polymerization degree, the bituminous coating may be used for waterproofing and workable preservative coating. The polymer grade and fiber addition determine its workability and water resistance.

Asphalt is still used to refer to this layer. The most common use of bituminous coatings is in locations when the ground is saturated with water. It’s an excellent shielding and waterproofing agent, particularly for concrete foundations.

In direct sunshine, it will crack and peel because of the bitumen base components. When exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, it becomes hard and weak and must be replaced with a more pliable substance like polyurethane or acrylic-based polymers.

The solid content of the polymer blended with the bitumen is always a determining factor in the finished products’ convenience. For the waterproofing of concrete roofs, Pakistan uses several grades of bitumen.

Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing,

Their demonstrated effectiveness of Roof treatments Gujranwala, bituminous membrane waterproofing is also a popular choice for low-sloped roofs. Membrane illumination and self-adhesiveness or stickiness are features of waterproofing membranes.

There are exposed and covered torches on membrane types. A protective screed must be applied to the exposed membrane in order to prevent the membrane from puncturing due to weathering and other types of membrane degradation. In Pakistan, waterproofing membrane sheets are employed at the industrial level.


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