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In Pakistan, we all suffer from the consequences of monsoon rains including loose paint, cement cracks, wet walls, and dripping roofs among others. This havoc with other weather conditions lead to severely unpredicted and startling changes in walls and roofs. Water seepage and leakage are the most inevitable and if not taken care of timely, you will be at the risk of losing some of your place’s valuables, such as cupboards and furnishings, to water leakage, not to mention the breeding mold.

The real kicker is that roof leaks can be repaired by expert waterproofing techniques, but they can be complicated and expensive, particularly if the real culprit of water seepage or leakage is not discovered early on.

That much is well known but here arises a million-dollar question, what is the best way to protect or repair your structure from such conditions? Before answering this question, one thing needs to be addressed, precisely the itch of residents or owners to utilize DIY means to solve the problem by themselves. The smart approach of watching tutorials to tackle your problems inexpensively may work perfect for other matters, but it is certainly not for these seepage and leakage problems. Thus, we suggest you bypass the Do It Yourself effort and straight go to a decent waterproofing company Sialkot for professional assistance.

Now, getting back to answering the question, a routine building assessment of your space can help you identify probable spots where water is leaking into your building’s framework. And even if you are just realizing the issue, the repair work can be done to avoid getting it more severe to damage the very foundations of your building. The waterproofing company in Sialkot can get it done expertly for you. Before moving to the ways and techniques of waterproofing of roofs, walls, foundations, and such, know that waterproofing can be done during construction and after construction too. The chemicals and materials used, become an impassable hurdle for seeping water, thus, protecting your structure from all the water-caused implications. Coming to the best solutions of water seepage and leakage, the Sialkot waterproofing company utilizes different widely accepted and effective techniques. We do not stick with one technique but after evaluating the site, we determine the most efficient strategy for the job.

Let us familiarise you with our proficient waterproofing methods.

Cementitious waterproofing

The cementitious waterproofing technique is the easiest and the most proficient technique to safeguard the structural elements from water and other chemical attacks. It can be applied in two ways; positive side and negative side for wastewater treating bodies, concrete tanks, tunnels, water retaining structures, and such. On the moist or external side of substructure or blocks on the level and below level, as well as suspended slabs, positive side waterproof coating is applied while the dried or inside face of the subsurface receives negative side sealing, mainly for water holding purposes. Waterproofing on the negative side keeps water out of your interior.

Such waterproofing does not face sunlight or other weather conditions, thus, does not undergo expansion and contraction. These coatings are easily mixed and applied; even the acrylic mixture contents are easily available. These coatings are very suitable for spaces like bathrooms, basements, roofs, dams, tunnels, parking, bridges, and many others as they offer a durable and solid coating for roof leakage and seepage. Mould and mildew resistance are also some of the benefits of our expert cementitious waterproofing services.

Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Method

As the name suggests, this waterproofing technique involves the use of a water-resistant liquid that creates a solid membrane when it comes in contact with air. This hardened waterproof membrane is join-free thus, it does not have any crevices for water seepage or leakage. The advantage of this method is its simple application to hard surfaces like floors, walls, roofs, and such. The professionals can cover a large area in a day as the membrane liquid is sprayed or applied with rollers and brushes to create an even film of the water-resistant membrane.

These polyurethane membrane coats have great elastic qualities, toughness, flexibility, damage tolerance, and chemical damage tolerance, enhancing these benefits and ensuring a flawless install. This liquid waterproofing membrane offers superior efficiency and most significantly, its long-term durability is one of the reasons why it is so popular with our customers.

Also, this form of waterproofing saves time and eliminates any need to close down other operations because when applied in the morning, it gets dry and hard till the afternoon. Thus, saving a lot of money on manpower and producing high-quality output as while sheeting and other coverings disintegrate with time, liquid waterproofing stays in place. And when sprayed to a concrete surface, it plugs the crevices while still establishing a protective moisture barrier along with enhancing the concrete’s resilience.

Waterproofing company Sialkot

Bituminous Waterproofing

Bituminous waterproofing materials are majorly made of bitumen, which is a hydrocarbon, found in the bottom of an oil refinery. Based on the objective, being suitable to be used as an adhesive in asphalt for highways, runways, parking spaces, and pedestrian walkways, bitumen could be used as a raw ingredient or as a mixture. It is also utilized as a mix in the construction field for providing good water resistance, from the cellar to the rooftop.

Bituminous material also termed asphalt, are treated with other polymer materials to improve their efficiency to be used in a variety of ways in the construction sector as it is the main ingredient in watertight compounds like seals, mastics, adhesives, and coatings.

Our waterproofing company in Sialkot also utilizes these widely accepted and used bituminous compounds for your eliminating water seepage and leakage from your roofs, walls, basements, and everywhere else. They work wonderfully for water resistance and their viscosity, resistance, and flexibility, it is a great source of water resistance for areas under continuous damp conditions. Sunlight may damage this coating but with other polymers, it is made more durable to last for years.

Membrane Type Waterproofing

Although there are many materials and techniques available for membrane-type waterproofing of your building’s framework, the membrane made of rubber, bitumen, sheet, and cement is the most important. These membranes are simply laid over the surface they are supposed to protect and being made of adhesive, water-resistant materials, they naturally check the water seepage and leakage problems.

Sunlight, foot traffic, storage of water, areas needed to be covered, internal and external use, and such other factors play a crucial role in determining which type of membrane will be best for your building. This method is very favored by our customers and our professionals at roof waterproofing company in Sialkot are the literal best in the installation of these membranes.

For different underlying materials, different waterproofing membranes are laid above for better results. So, before having someone install membrane waterproofing, we suggest you talk to an expert for determining the best type.

Injection Chemical Waterproofing

The procedure of inserting a solution into broken or fractured walls to fix leaks, stop moisture penetration, and render buildings waterproof for a lengthy period is known as injected waterproofing. While the acrylic gels, polyurethane resins, polyurethane foaming agents, and polyurethane grouts are some of the materials that can be infused into crevices of a building to plug them and stop water seepage and leakage. This waterproofing process is rather important for roofs and surfaces where the leakage or seepage origin is unknown or at places where too many cracks are present.

Repairing for eliminating challenging water infiltration occurrences is possible using high foaming, fast-reacting hydrophobic polymers as our facility offer you both single element (1K) and double element (2K) resins, giving the end consumer more options. Our injectable waterproofing solutions are frequently used in mining activities when limiting water infiltration is a need for continuing mine development or a dry work culture is a strict requirement.

This waterproofing strategy is very popular and it can be utilized in a variety of places like balconies, patios, water tanks, concrete, tile or metal roofs, walls, ceilings, and wet areas like kitchens, showers, and bathrooms too. But trying to get it done on your own is not recommended, for better and safer results, it is important to hire the experts of our waterproofing company in Sialkot.

DPC (Damp Proof Course)

Damp Proof Course or DPC is a procedure to avoid moisture rising from the ground level into walls through crevices. It is applied at the basement level during the construction of a property and it is an in-build system of eliminating the moisture to damage your building’s foundation.

Materials and application methods differ while the materials used include butyl rubber, heated bitumen (asphalt), plastic sheets, bituminous felt, sheets of lead, copper, and other flexible materials. Other materials that are semi-rigid like mastic asphalt along with other rigid materials such as impervious brick, stone, slate, cement mortar, or bitumen-coated cement concrete, etc are also utilized. Stones and waterproofing chemicals in the mortar and the underlying flooring layers of coarse sand or plastic sheets are also an option.

Ending remarks

With the changing times and construction needs, different materials and different strategies are utilized by our waterproofing company in Sialkot for your home’s and workplace’s durability and safety. Roofs water seepage and leakage inhibition is our primary goal while we are well capable of taking care of all of your water-resistance needs. Our labor is experienced and well-trained to manage the job with great precision and responsibility, without making any faults or mistakes during the work.

We come from years of experience and let us mention, our customers are always happy with the end result.

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