Heat proofing Lahore Pakistan (Master Roof)

Heat proofing Lahore Pakistan (Master Roof)

Cool roof with Master roof treatments forms an elastomeric heat barrier by, resisting over 95% of UV; refracting and dissipating up to 75% of the heat; and by reducing heat conduction. With this action, the heat of a building is significantly reduced.



► Powder coated / galvanized metal

► Concrete roofs / abutments 

► Roof tiles

► Fiber glass

► Perspex

Cool Roof & Energy Saving Coating / Paint

Master Roof treatments is a High Performance liquid applied insulation and energy saving roofing coating system. Heat proofing Pakistan having high quantity of ceramic microspheres an elastomeric emulsion of high grade acrylic resin  (Environmentally friendly) and is designed to outlast other roof radiant barrier roofing systems.Applied on most roofing material including that of concrete and metal. When applied on a steel surface, Master Roof treatments’ insulation coating will act as Rust Inhibitor and thus stop any steel corrosion by converting the iron oxide into iron phosphate.

Benefits/ Heat proofing

► Reduces internal temperatures

► Increased thermal protection and saves energy

► Non-toxic, water-based, low VOC

► Eliminates blistering, peeling & cracking

► Excellent bonding to most substrates

► Excellent breath-ability

► Water resistance

► Very low maintenance/repair costs

► High solar reflective index

► Non-combustible – Class A Fire Retardant

► Anti-crack

► Low Odor

► Easy clean

Why Heat proofing RF?

Heat insulation coating(Master Roof treatments) Keep’s buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in winter by reducing heat transfer through exterior walls.

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