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Nowadays, moisture penetration has become one of the major domestic issues. Iron, plastic, Concrete, and some other similar structures are facing the same water penetration issues. But you don’t need to worry because Master Roof Treatments is a leading Waterproofing Company in Faislabad . Our company’s products and staff possess enough ability to resolve your waterproofing issues in Peshawar like leakage and seepage.  We are offering waterproofing solutions for these issues:

  • Kitchen Waterproofing
  • Concrete Admixture
  • Joint Sealant
  • Control Shed Waterproofing
  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Roof Waterproofing

Роlymeriс Waterproofing

We use several different materials for waterproofing. We are one of the waterproofing companies in Faislabad that offer polymeric material dealerships. Polymer is considered as a water-resistant material. You can use the polymer material for various purposes. The application of the polymer needs some technical experience as well.

As mentioned in the above lines our staff has enough experience of waterproofing. Polymeric would be the best solution for any kind of water seepage and leakage. Роlyurethаne is one of the sympathetic chemicals. Which means you need to be careful while it’s being applied. This material is good for swimming pools, walls, control sheds, and roof waterproofing.

Bituminous Coating Waterproofing

Bituminous is a secure coating and waterproofing chemical and agent. That is one of the classical chemicals. Bituminous is a very proactive and flexible product. Bituminous coating waterproofing is the process of coating a flexible layer of asphalt. Usually, it is called coal tar. The application of bituminous coatings is done on the areas that are under screed wet.

Master Roof Treatments is a famous Waterproofing Company in Faisalabad. One can also use the Bituminous coating for the walls and roof waterproofing purposes. As we know Bituminous coating is crafted with bituminous materials which means it is not the best match for the situations exposed to sunlight. Because exposure to sunlight for a long period makes it fragile and brittle.

Membrаne Sheet Wаterрrооfing

Membrane sheet waterproofing is one of the famous methods that is used for low-sloped roofs. No doubt this method is very durable but it is an expensive method. The membrane features a torch-on membrane and self-adhesive membrane. The self-adhesive compound consists of fillers, asphalt, and polymers including some resins as well. You can also add oils to improve it,s adhesion properties.

As the bonding properties of the membrane reduce with time so the shelf life of the self-adhesive type is low.  The torch seal of the membrane is for external development and podium. That is one of the procedures used by many of the people for waterproofing purposes. Most of the house owners are not able to find the best waterproofing company in Faislabad. But you don’t need to worry more as Master Roof Treatments is here for you and offers waterproofing services in Faisalabad.

waterproofing company Faisalabad

Injecting Chemiсаl Wаterрrооfing

If you want to reduce the leakage and seepage issues then injecting chemical waterproofing would be a good solution. In this method, we have to inject the chemicals into the wall. This injected chemical will block the track of water leakage. That is good for the treatment of interior walls. Our company also encourages it,s clients to use injecting chemical methods.

Because the injection of chemicals is one of the best practical solutions. Injecting chemical waterproofing is the method by which we force the material. This method is only applicable when the water flows through cracks of a building.  Master Roof Treatments always prefer the injection method when water is penetrating into the surface.

Treatment and Reраir of Water Leakage аnd Seeраge with Appropriate Solutions

There are some common issues faced by the house owners such as dampness of walls, water seepage, and leakage. Often they struggle to search for the best solution for such water leakage issues. This happened only due to some poor quality construction and lacking waterproofing measures while construction of a building. It can result in the dampness of wall paint peeling.

These wall dampness issues can be resolved with an excellent home painting experience. Sometimes people get confused about which chemicals need to be used for the waterproofing process. So, here we will guide you about how to set water leakage and seepage solutions for roofs and walls.

We will explain to you some waterproofing problems that usually occur and their causes. Furthermore, which waterproofing chemicals you should use and what waterproofing methods you need to follow. We have good experience of finding solutions and fixes for damaged buildings. We offer the best water leakage and seepage solutions in Faislabad.

Hоw tо treat water leakage and seepage solution оn rising wаll

Mostly the rising damp impacts the wall’s lower regions because of the capillary action that raises the groundwater.  It causes the peeling of paint.

Treаtment of Mild Dаmрness in Interiоr Wаlls

Damp patches are developed by the interior walls and we have already discussed about the reasons in the above paragraphs. These patches can be treated without so much effort or hassle if they are mild. You must keep in mind that it’s not about the treatment of patches but also the area of 2 feet around the damp patch. For treatment, you can use the iron brush and remove the loose material around that area. You should also remove the loose plaster patches when needed.

In a particular case if the plaster gets removed then re-plaster the patches with cement made of mortar, sand, and a plasticizing chemical. Before moving towards the next step you should allow the plaster to cure and dry out the water leakage and seepage. You can also use a waterproof coating seal on the plastered patches using the application process. Because this layer will not only prevent seepage but can also be used as a repainting surface. Once the surface is fully prepared you can repaint it.

Treаtment of Severe Dаmрness of Interiоr Wаlls

Serious dampness can be identified with visible damp patches on the walls, plaster peeling and white chalk deposits on the wall.  To resolve this water leaking problem of walls you have to remove the plaster completely for waterproofing. After this you have to remove the damage platser up to the brick level on the walls.

You should clear the patch 2 feet over the damp patch.  Now just apply the waterproof coating agent directly on the bricks by following the exact method or procedure. After this platser again the exposed patch with mortar cement, plasticizing addictive chemicals and sand. Then just allow the platser to cuer after application and dry out. After the base preparation, you have to re-paint the area.

Waterproofing and Repair of Exteriоr Wаlls

The seepage around windows and mid-level walls could be only because of the cracks in the external walls. So, you have to waterproof and repair the exterior before treatment of the interior walls. You can fill the exterior wall cracks by using the crack sealant. To prevent the areas around the windows frame from water leakage through exterior walls you can also use a specific type of bonding sealant. Once the exterior walls are repaired for cracks after that apply the exterior paint with waterproofing abilities. We offer the best water seepage and leakage solution in Peshawar.

Foundation Waterproofing in Faislabad

We offer waterproofing services to provide a full treatment and coating solution to make your house roof and walls water-resistant. This method will help the house owners to prevent seepage and leakage.  You can get some reliable products and services from Master Roof Treatments in Peshawar. Our company will not only treat your foundation by using the chemical application but also offer a warranty that will ensure the protection of your house roof and walls for many years to come. That’s very important for your house. You can reach us to get the most reliable foundation waterproofing in Peshawar for your home or office.

Foundation Waterproofing Company in Faislabad

Usually, people struggle to find the best company for the foundation waterproofing services in Faislabad. There are also some companies with names that mislead customers and show their intentions as waterproofing services. That is one of the important things to tell the customers to find your company on the internet by mentioning the name of the city.

It will also help people to understand an authentic waterproofing company. We have access to a big market like Faislabad. Our company will be equipped with some important methods and means while dealing with foundation waterproofing in Faislabad. Just to make sure that waterproofing is done to its best abilities.

Wаterрrооfing in Faislabad Chak jumra

If you have not managed to protect the surface then rain and water leakage will always be in your way. You can only get rid of it or protect it by getting services from a waterproofing company Faisalabad that can handle the application of water-resistant chemicals. You will get every kind of solution to protect your roofs and walls from such water-based problems. We will ensure the seamless execution of these chemicals into your place which is one of the good things about our company. We will fix your walls and roof for several years to come.

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