Thermocol Sheets Manufacturing In Pakistan

Thermocol Sheets Manufacturing in Pakistan

Thermocol sheets or those made of expanded polystyrene, are increasingly used in construction industries as insulating material. They are versatile and lightweight in construction and thus can be used in numerous occasions, in addition to their efficient heat insulation ability. Thermocol sheet’s have gained much appreciation in the Pakistan market, with more and more people using them,, especially for roofing and insulation purposes.

Thermocol Sheets Manufacturing in Pakistan:

The thermocol sheets manufacturing in Pakistan involves several steps:

  1. Pre-expansion:

Polystyrene beads must be heated so that they can be made into small beads of lightweight nature.

  1. Maturation:

The expanded beads are then aged to fix the size of the beads and to increase their stability.

  1. Molding:

These matured beads are then packed and heated to melt and create whole sheets of glass out of them.

  1. Cutting:

These solid blocks of Thermocol are then cut into thin and thick sheets with different dimensions.

Master Roof Treatments is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Thermocol sheets in Pakistan. They have modern production plants to produce their products to the right quality standards.

Types and Sizes of Thermocol Sheets:

Thermocol sheets are available in various dimensions and thicknesses as a means of catering different uses. Standard sizes range from 1 meter x 1 meter to significant size but thickness is about few millimeters to few centimeters. The most preferred ones for insulation are sheet’s 50mm Thermocol, which offer good thermal insulation and a long service life.

Uses of Thermocol Sheets:

Let us discuss the uses of thermocol sheets;

  1. Insulation:

Thermocol sheets are popular and can be used to insulate roofs, walls and floors among other structures. They also provide very good thermal insulation help maintain ideal indoor temperatures to avoid wastage of energy.

  1. Packaging:

Thermocol sheets are used in packing delicate commodities in order to avoid any harm during movement.

  1. Decorative Elements:

Thermocol sheets are also used to design the items and structures for events, exhibitions and party purposes.

Cool Roof with Thermocol Sheet’s Ideas:

Creating a cool roof with Thermocol sheets is an effective way to reduce heat absorption and improve energy efficiency. Let us discuss some Thermocol sheet’s price in Pakistanideas;

  1. Thermal Insulation:

These Thermocol sheets, when placed beneath the actual roofing material, effectively reduce the rate of heat transfer thus making the interior cooler.

  1. Reflective Coatings:

If Thermocol sheets are combined with reflective coatings, it is possible to increase their cooling effectiveness since reflections of sunlight will be reduced.

  1. Green Roofs:

Incorporating Thermocol sheets into green roof systems can add more layering in the form of insulation and options for plant growth.

Master Roof Treatments deals with installation of roofs that include the use of Thermocol sheets for development of superior and energy saving roofs.

Thermocol Sheets Price in Pakistan:

Thermocol sheet’s price in Pakistan may differ because of size, thickness and quality of the sheets needed. In most cases, Thermocol sheets are cheap, and therefore, prove to be a viable option in acts such as insulation and other usages. Pricing it is noteworthy that Master Roof Treatments proposed its line of Thermocol sheets at reasonable price wherever customers may get high quality products.

Roofing Installation with Thermocol Sheets:

The roofing installation with thermocol sheets involves several steps:

  1. Surface Preparation:

Before applying the roof coating, the roof surface should be clean, dry, and free from debris.

  1. Placing Thermocol Sheets:

The Thermocol sheets are then held in position on the roof surface to guarantee that they fix properly and enclose the roof area.

  1. Securing the Sheets:

The sheets are held in place using adhesives or mechanical fasters.

  1. Applying Roofing Material:

Over the Thermocol sheets, a protective roofing material often including metal sheets or tiles is used to boost up the durability of the roofing.

Master Roof Treatments is involved in professional roofing installation services; the Thermocol sheets are fixed appropriately to guarantee their insulation’s efficiency.

Heating Solution with Thermocol Sheets:

Thermocol sheets are not doubtful only in cooling purpose but also very important in every heating solution. The insulation characteristics of their structure is used in maintaining heat within structures especially during winter. In the same way, Thermocol sheets do not conduct heat hence limiting heat loss hence limits the use of standby heaters keeping the indoor environment warm.

Roof Cool Thermocol Sheet’s in Lahore, Pakistan:

More specifically, Lahore witnesses hot and humid climatic conditions, which ultimately means the roofs of the buildings require optimum protection. Thermocol sheets are commonly used for cool roofs in Lahore since they help in the reflection of heat and improve energy capital. Thermocol sheets and roofing solutions having a well-recognized company Master Roof Treatments for past several years which provides the best and quality products and services for the people of Lahore.


New era in the construction and insulation industry has been introduced in Pakistan by the Thermocol sheets due to its qualities like versatility, low cost and good thermal conductivity. Eighth, as construction material, Thermocol sheets find their usage in various aspects that mark energy efficiency and comfort such as cool roofs and heat control system. Master Roof Treatments is more of a well-established brand that provides the best and high-quality Thermocol sheets and quality roofing services. For all your insulation needs, to increase your homes cooling capacity or simply search for new and refreshing roofing designs and trends, Master Roof Treatments can assist with all your needs.

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    Thermocol Sheets Manufacturing In Pakistan
    Roof Cool Thermocol Sheet’s in Lahore, Pakistan:
    More specifically, Lahore witnesses hot and humid climatic conditions, which ultimately means the roofs of the buildings require optimum protection. Thermocol sheets are commonly used for cool roofs in Lahore since they help in the reflection of heat and improve energy capital.

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    Thermocol Sheets Manufacturing in Pakistan
    Thermocol Sheets Manufacturing in Pakistan

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