Waterproofing in Islamabad

Monsoon season can be extreme in Islamabad. When there is a lot of rain in Islamabad then the properties can get damaged. Water leakage can spoil the roofs of your home and can damage your home. Commercial and residential buildings can get damaged in Islamabad due to the heavy rains. Many buildings in Islamabad have a weak base and this is why they cannot withstand bad weather conditions. Water leaking inside the buildings is a serious problem in Islamabad. This is why it is important to get in touch with a waterproofing Islamabad Company. Waterproofing in Islamabad can help you to provide the ultimate waterproof barrier in the area that is likely to get wet. The common areas that can get water leaks include bathrooms, laundries, and balconies. The waterproofing can help you to prevent moisture from seeping through the structure of the building.


Get skilled Waterproofing services in Islamabad 

If you get your home and properties waterproofed, then it will allow you to stay safe and protected. The buildings also don’t get damaged if you get waterproofing. Waterproofing in Islamabad has become common in the domestic and commercial building industry.


 We are proud to provide the best waterproofing services in Islamabad. We provide master roof treatments to prevent your roof from leaking. We send out a team of experts to your property and will offer you the best services. We make sure that our skilled team provides the perfect services to get the job done. Our team of experts has a compliance certificate and provides you a guarantee of years upon completion of all our jobs.


 You can stay assured that the waterproofing of your bathroom, laundry, or outdoor balcony has been completed with the highest level of workmanship. Our services are also backed up with a written guarantee. Our Waterproofing jobs are completed by a fully qualified Waterproofer. We have hired the best and well-qualified team of experts who offer high-standard waterproofing services. 

Bathroom waterproofing Services

The walls of your bathrooms can get leaked often. When there are heavy rains in the Islamabad bathroom is one of the first areas that start to leak. The leaks in the bathroom can come from different areas. The leaks from showers, bathrooms, and wet areas can cause great damage to your home. It can also disturb your daily routine and can even risk your safety. Your bathroom becomes slippery from the leakage and spills of water.

Even a small leakage can result in costly repairs so this is why it is important to get the job done as soon as possible. You must choose the best waterproofing service in Islamabad if you don’t want to spend a lot of money later on. We use the best Waterproofing Systems that will prevent all kinds of leakage in your bathroom. We are the best waterproofing company that has been offering professional waterproofing services to residential and commercial buildings. We provide the best waterproofing services to businesses, homes, and builders in Islamabad. We provide a complete range of bathroom waterproofing services that includes, shower repairs, drains, and leakage repairs, and all wet area waterproofing.

Retaining wall Waterproofing Islamabad

We provide the best Waterproofing services when it comes to waterproofing retaining walls in Islamabad. We can help you with installation, repair, and leak detection. You can get in touch with us now to arrange a quote today. Whether the walls are used to create space for a driveway or retain the garden beds, retaining walls must be well-protected from penetration by migrating water. When groundwater seeps get inside the wall, it can result in a lot of problems.

waterproofing company Islamabad

Balcony Waterproofing Islamabad

The balcony of your home is a major area where you spend a lot of time. It can be a refreshing place where you can enjoy the fresh air. The leaking balconies into your building must be repaired on time. If you don’t get your repairs on time, then it can result in the loss of thousands of dollars and your valuable time! If you want to keep your building’s balconies strong then it is best to get your balconies waterproofed. 

Balconies are the life of your home and they must be protected at all costs. We offer sustainable, quality assured Balcony waterproofing solutions to our clients. Our technology and experience will allow you to waterproof your balconies. Our team will identify your problems and design the finest waterproofing solution that suits the needs of your roofing system.

Rooftop waterproofing services

Rooftops are an important part of any construction project. It is also an essential part when we talk about waterproofing. When you are building a new home your rooftop must stay intact with the right waterproofing products. You need to call up an expert for high-quality services. If the homeowner or commercial building owner has a good relationship with the waterproofing expert it is a good thing. There will be no issues with the installation or repairs and you can save your time and effort too. The waterproofing Islamabad services are offered at affordable rates.

Planter boxes Waterproofing Services

Planter boxes have become one of the top choices among homeowners in Islamabad. It is suitable for those people who want to have a flower or vegetable garden in their home. However, they may not have enough space left for ground planting. Most raised garden beds are placed at the top of the balconies, terraces, and pathways. Due to this, water leaking will be a common issue. That is where professional waterproofing services will be beneficial. The planter boxes, waterproofing services make sure that there is no water leakage. You can protect the walls of your home from becoming damp and full of moisture. They will make use of good techniques that the planter box and garden beds remain safe from water.

Basement Waterproofing 

The soil in your garden or around any other place in your home may retain some groundwater. This water can build up come hydrostatic pressure along the walls. The area under the floors of a basement is prone to some damage if the pressure from the water is intense. As the level of pressure becomes high it will cause cracks and openings around the wall. There is no doubt it will cause a lot of structural damage to the entire building especially the walls and its foundation. If you notice the water pressure building up near your walls calling up an expert will be a good idea.

Trusted waterproofing services in Islamabad

The waterproofing services in Islamabad are top-notch. All the technicians and experts know well that your home or commercial building is an asset and investment. According to research, at least 83% of complaints are related to waterproofing in these buildings. We make use of premium quality materials and waterproof your building the way you want to. The price of the waterproofing services will depend on the kind of work we do for you. Here is what we can offer:

Domestic waterproofing

When it comes to the domestic waterproofing of the tiles we can cater to your needs. We understand that every project is a big investment for you. If you have no idea about the waterproofing membrane system we can guide you very well. In any case, if your home is old and you are suffering from leakage issues we will eliminate it efficiently. Whether it is the bathroom or balcony renovation we will fix it for you. If there is a leakage in the basement or the walls are getting damp it can be cleared without taking much time. We believe in giving best of services to our clients.

Commercial waterproofing in Islamabad

You can get the best of services from Waterproofing Company Islamabad. If there is an issue with the waterproofing of balconies of bathrooms you can call an expert. We will also handle the waterproofing of planter boxes at ponds at competitive prices. When it comes to the waterproofing of rooftops we make sure everything remains in a good condition. The application of various finishes and façade coatings will enhance the appeal of your commercial space like never before. You can name it and we have it all.

Leak detection reports

If there is a leakage in your home or commercial space, look no further as our technician will help you find the defects. We will offer a comprehensive report that will guide you on how to rectify it. To make it easier we also perform live flood tests. With the help of these tests, we can detect the area of leakage to fix it conveniently. Our experts will scan the area with a thermal imaging machine. You can get the leak detection report at the right time. Being one of the top waterproofing services in Islamabad we make sure to take care of your property. By making use of premium quality materials we make sure that your waterproofing system remains in the best condition. You can call us now and book an appointment for top-notch services at competitive prices!


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